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What Illoomes is all about

Many thanks for your interest in my blog. 

Many ask how the word ‘ILLOOMES’ came about.

Illoomes stands for ‘illumination’ or light. And light stands for intuition, knowledge, and love.


Illoomes aims to create a blend of literature, culture, and psychology, inspiring new ideas that connect them. 

The idea of Illoomes has gone through much refinement and change. Today, it’s a space where we can talk about social and cultural regressions, human psychology, and mental and spiritual health.


I strongly feel about the miseries modern ideologies have brought on the world. Be it modern thought or post-modern ones! Miseries like culture loss, erosion of social fabrics, mental and emotional malaises, or man-nature relationships all stem from the modern way of life. 

Even though modernity has given us a lot, it also took away greater things from humanity. I’d like to work towards a future that is a perfect blend of the old and the modern, where we respect our ancestors and tradition while utilizing the modern intellect and logic to create a better future for all. 

Illoomes reflects these ideas and goals. You’ll see these topics recurring in my articles, videos, and fiction. If you are interested in them, you’ll feel right at home in this blog!


Find some of them here. 


I hail from India, the land of one of the most ancient civilizations, and the culture that still awes us. 

Yogic philosophy, traditional knowledge of the mind and the Universe, ancient cultural systems, and the science of the body, mind, and the soul are the cornerstones of this culture. They also have helped me become who I am today. 

I believe it’ll help anyone who comes in contact with them. Connecting you with that vast knowledge is another important aim of this blog. 


Here you’ll see content about the cultural and spiritual history of ancient cultures, including the one in India and the significance of ideals our ancestors believed in. Also, the cursory understanding of ancient sciences and knowledge systems. Last, the importance of protecting our culture and traditions, without falling into the pits of superstitions, discrimination, and misinformation. 


Check these out if you are curious to know more!


Here in Illoomes, we’ll explore:


  • The current social and cultural trends and discussions about them.

  • Religious and spiritual affairs. 

  • Importance of spirituality, not tainted by ideologies or superstitions. 

  • The differences between traditional and modern systems of thought and why they should go hand in hand.

  • Nationalism, conservatism, and self-development.

  • Discussions about problematic modern and post-modern ideologies and the harm they do to societies and cultures.

  • Art, literature, music, and photography

  • Movies and TV shows!

Now, Let’s Talk a Bit About Me!


I’m the author of the book “Life In A Ziplock Bag”, which is releasing soon!


I’m a 28-year-old writer hailing from the beautiful land of Kerala in India. I’ve dedicated my life to writing, art, and healing. I’m passionate about psychology, on which I’m pursuing a career now.


My other passions include nature, photography, poetry, and art. You can find all of them in this blog.  


I studied at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences. Hyderabad. In 2014, while studying for my undergraduate degree there I was forced to take a break from my studies because of some serious health problems. A year went by before I could resume my education, occupied by Ayurvedic treatments and rest. But once I did, I found myself in a difficult position to continue, having my priorities and ambitions drastically changed. Subsequently, I decided to sever from the path of formal education, this time with an aim in my mind- to pursue my dreams and find peace within myself.


I aspired to be a great writer one day- and I am currently publishing my first novel.


I may have been imprudent, or even arrogant, to choose this path. One thing was for sure, I wasn’t ready for what was in wait for me! 


Tumultuous years followed, in which I survived a severe neuro-somatic disease, an abusive relationship, break-up, obsessions, anxiety disorders, and panic attacks. After much soul-searching, I found I was suffering from deep trauma that affected me on many levels, caused by sexual abuse, family issues, domestic violence, forced stay in a bad boarding school, and emotional abuse. 

It was as painful as it sounds, unraveling each of these realities on my own (because I didn’t trust humans, even as therapists) and finding answers to very simple yet important questions. 

Looking back, it’s still a nerve-chilling experience! But it was also a journey that awakened me as a self-dependent spiritual being, one that led me to a path of self-discovery, healing, and self-realization. ⠀

After a lot of self-healing, I realized that I have a calling to heal others from their trauma and psychological problems. So, I’m pursuing psychology on the side as well. 


During this time, I also had a paradigm shift in my ideas on social, cultural, and political domains. From a loose cannon who wished to escape in the dreams of men and city life, I became a crusader for saving culture, traditions, and self-development as the only way for sustained happiness and peace. 

To know more about all these, you can read my articles and watch some of my videos!



I thank you for reading this far! Hope you’ll stay and read some more!



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