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Proud to announce my first book 'Life In a Ziplock Bag'!


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About the Book

What does it mean to be trapped in a Ziplock bag? To be hooked on its contents? How long before the transfixing world suffocates the ones living in it?

Anu, a girl from a village in Kerala moves to a city. Soon, the alluring euphoria of love and other drugs captivates her. She experiences the rush and glee of being in a city, like she always wanted to. But it comes with a cost.


This is the story of Anu and her friends in the city, living in the fantasy world of the substances that come in sachets and bottles. Their friendship fueled by drugs, sex, loyalty, and love; it doesn’t take much for them to lose themselves. But does any of them have what it takes to get out of them?


In a world that drifts further from reality every day, Anu and her friends’ story reminds us about the dangerous pitfalls of it. Also, the message that reality can be tolerable again if we find the reasons to choose it over fantasy.

Colorful Notebooks

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About Author

Vijay Vidhu S is a 28 years old writer from Kerala, who has dedicated her life to writing, art, and self-development. She studied in Tata Institute of Social Sciences, from where she acquired the inspiration to write this book.

Life in a Ziplock Bag is a book she crafted from her experience of migrating from a village to different and strange cities as a youth. It is enmeshed in the chaotic yet intriguing worlds she lived in for a decade, focusing on the lessons she learned along the way.

With a passion for psychology, culture, and nature, she delves into these themes in her works. It has been her life’s dream to become an author and impact others with the power of words. She is setting out on that big dream with her first book.

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