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Abortion verdict Sc.jpg

Last week, the Supreme Court expanded the scope of the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act to include "unmarried woman" while allowing a woman to abort her 24-weeks pregnancy arising out of a consensual relationship.

But does abortion ensure women empowerment? Pro choice supporters have always claimed so. But the first feminists have all fought against abortion. If Abortion was health care and women empowerment, why did the first feminists like Susan B. Anthony oppose it?

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has unveiled the National Emblem cast at the New Parliament Building. As PM Modi did that, there was a twist: the lions in the Ashoka Stambh were angry and ferocious with bare fangs and teeth. That has become a controversy now! This isn't the first time PM Modi and historical sentiments have come at cross roads in India.

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Kashmir files .jpg

This is an honest Kashmir Files review! From an ex-Tissian and former leftist. 

The reality of Kashmir genocide and Kashmir exodus 1990. The plight of Kashmiri Pandits.

The political narratives discussed in the movie.

Godhra SIT.jpg

Godhra train burning and the Gujarat riots that followed in 2002 has never left the Indian conscience. In the latest news, Narendra Modi and 61 others have been acquitted of the conspiracy case. On the other side, police officials Sanjeev Bhatt and R B Sreekumar and NGO activist and journalist Teetsa Setalvad have been arrested for investigation by SIT.

Copy of BOOK REVIEW.jpg

The Gyanvapi mosque survey: The ASI excavation has unearthed Shiva lingas inside the Gyanvapi mosque in Varanasi, U.P. And the right and Indic scholars in India have been saying for a long time, that's not it! There are many more.

From Qutub Minar, Kaashi, Hampi, to Ayodhya and Somnath, the list goes on and on.



Feminism and women empowerment movements are doing a lot of harm to women.

Feminism is a communist ideology, like women's day is a socialist idea. It depends on victim mentality, anger and activism by telling them what to think, rather than empowering them to be themselves.

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Here is an analysis of the reasons and motives behind Russia's invasion of Ukraine in March 2022.

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